Curso Managing An International Team

The Keys To Intercultural Management

  • Curso Presencial
  • Objetivo: Perfeccionamiento

Internationalisation today means working with people of different nationalities and cultures, inside France and all over the world.

This new situation requires an open-minded approach to management: setting objectives, working methods and communication.

Programa de la formación

1. Identify the keys to efficiency in an international context.

  • The meaning of "multicultural" and the sensitive aspects of intercultural relationships.
  • Clarify your own approach to international situations and the "multicultural" factor.
  • Learn how to develop intercultural skills.
  • Learn how to analyse and use the resources of your environment.
  • Evaluate the risks of the professional practices in your organisation.

2. Develop one's competences as an intercultural manager.

  • Identify how self-perception and perception of others impacts your own behaviour.
  • Identify individual and group rationale.
  • Give meaning to people's behaviours.
  • Build your managerial competences encompassing the cultural factor.

3. Communicate efficiently in a multicultural context.

  • Exchange information with people of different nationalities.
  • Evaluate your capacity to be empathetic and curious.
  • Understand the impact of cultural and ethnic differences on conflicts.
  • Anticipate the risks of cultural rejection.
  • Develop strategies to facilitate the resolution of disagreements and conflicts.

4. Capitalise on one's intercultural experience.

  • Design better intercultural practices.
  • Take ownership of your Iearning plan.

A quién va dirigida

  • Experienced manager and business people, regularly involved in international work situations.
  • Prerequisites:
  • -  Excellent knowledge of english: the course is delivered entirely in English.

    -  It is recommended to have previously followed a course on management basics.


  • Deal with the different cultural references systems of colleagues and work contacts.
  • ldentify the key success factors in an international context.
  • Organise management to be able to reach objecttves.
  • Create conditions for people to take responsibility.
  • Set up effective communication processes.
  • Communicate more easily in English.


  • This training is entirely conducted in English.
  • Dynamic teaching methods: numerous practical exercises directly linked to each participant's professional experience.
  • An expert consultant with extensive international experience.
  • A programme adapted to your challenges and context individual analyses and a participant manual to help you examine your current management practices and behaviours.
Duración: 2 días (14 horas )
Referencia: 7209
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Horario del curso: Primer día: 09:30:00 -18:00:00 Segundo día: 09:00:00 -17:30:00
Supuesto bonificación Fundae por asistente:182 €
Grupo medio de 8 a 12 participantes
El precio del curso incluye: Los coffee breaks de las pausas, los almuerzos en común con los participantes, la documentación, los ejercicios, el material del curso así como el certificado de formación.
Duración: 2 días (14 horas )
Referencia: 7209
In-Company:4.400,00 € exento de IVA
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