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Curso - Remote selling

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14 horas

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Be the salesperson that customers want to meet online!

Master virtual selling to make connections quickly and speed up the sales cycle thanks to impactful meetings.

The main aim of this programme is to enable the attendee to become more effective at selling remotely.

It initially focuses on looking good on camera and creating Intimacy, Impact and Interest, during on-line sales meetings.

The course places great value on establishing a human connexion with the audience and making on-line sales meetings an engaging, memorable experience.

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Dirigido a:

Dirigido a:

  • Any person having direct contact with customers or distribution partners using virtual platforms.
  • Any person with experience of selling or Account Management who wishes to be as effective working remotely, as they can be in a face-to-face situation.

Contenido de la formación

1 - Mastering the environment and getting air-time

  • Basics of camera work, virtual meeting tool and how to prepare my environment.
  • The art of the virtual handshake for instant trust and rapport.
  • Pre-suasion: getting a key contact interested in meeting on-line.
  • Pitch maker tool.

2 - Making it feel L.I.V.E.

  • Link: making a human connection with the audience.
  • Involve them: tips on optimising audience interaction & focus.
  • Value: how to make every second count, for them and for us.
  • Emotion: how to make it memorable, unique and impactful.

3 - Impactful on-line presentations

  • Pitching: rhetorical questions and the power of storytelling.
  • Strong visuals, with content that drives home key messages.
  • Engagement & focus: reaching out to their minds & emotions.
  • Reconnecting: how to ‘bring back’ a lost audience.

This training program is made up of 3 Instructor Led workshops (ILW) and Self-directed Activities (SDA) parts. We recommend activities be organised within a week.

For in-house training, let us know your specific preferences.


Objetivos de la formación

  • Master basic techniques within the remote environment, developing confidence in using the meeting software to remain effective, whatever happens.
  • Improve brand image, professionalism and proximity to make a lasting impression, showing value and empathy.
  • Make remote meeting as impactful as in-room meetings
  • Explore how to get air-time with key contacts.
  • Interact well and naturally, get your message across.
  • Stimulate a dialogue, work well together with the audience.
  • Learn how to ‘read’ the customer and re-engage with a disaffected audience.

Beneficios adicionales

  • Pre-programme Self-assessment and post-programme quiz, to measure progress.
  • 10 hours of online instructor-led exercises and workshops, discussing challenges and finding solutions. Running a live presentation sequence, getting feedback from  the group and from an expert.
  • 4h of individual work: with a peer, build, practise and record a pitch to progress a sale; individually, design and build a slide deck for high impact.
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes a post-course application guide for line managers and for participants.