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Larger and more strategic opportunities while focusing on the right deals Novedad

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How qualified are the opportunities in your team's pipeline?
Our experience with over 35,000 sales professionals all over the world -in large, medium, and small-sized companies- has revealed three predictable behaviors that most sales people experience:

  • First is their reluctance to stop pursuing weak opportunities because they're afraid they won't hit their quota.
  • Next is their apparent rush to close the deal without taking the time to really understand their client's needs.
  • Finally, the third behavior is the sales person's inability to handle objections and pushbacks effectively.


Qualifying Opportunities helps sales professionals quickly and effectively identify good opportunities in their pipelines and significantly decrease "pipeline fiction" by eliminating the weak ones.

Helping Clients Succeed Path | Franklyn Covey Sales Performances Cegos

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Programa de la formación

Foundation | (20mins)

  • Learn the mindsets and behaviors of top performers.
  • Establish specific goals to ensure a measurable return on investment at the end of the 12-week implementation process.

Enable decisions | (70 mins)

  • Understand the importance of enabling decisions for clients.
  • Create a specific call plan that addresses the client's key issues -nothing more and nothing less.
    Call plan

Win fast, lose fast | (165 mins)

  • Learn how to effectively overcome the traditional dysfunctions of the buyer/seller relationship by focusing on the client's issues first.
  • Become proficient at developing business cases with clients by identifying their most important issues, clearly defining the impact on their organization, and mapping the decion-making process.
  • Establish an accurate snapshot of the sales pipeline.
  • Make significant strides towards become a trusted business advisor.
    Opportunitiy worksheet
    Decision grid
    Qualification snapshot

Handle objections | (120 mins)

  • Gain the confidence needed to overcome objections and push-backs by anticipating and practicing beforehand.
  • Prepare to deal effectively with gatekeepers.
    Practice cards

The playbook | (15 mins)

  • Commit to implementing the strategies and tools over the course of 12-weeks to ensure a sustained change in behavior.
    12-week playbook
    Implementation videos



12-week implementation playbook - Filling the pipeline | Cegos Franklincovey

  • Each week, for 12 weeks, participants implement the
    principles they learned in the work session.
  • Participants are held accountable through regularly
    scheduled report backs to their sales leaders or coach



"Nowhere in the sales process do a few minutes of dialogue more quickly determine whether we continue or end our relationship than during the initial interaction." 


A quién va dirigida

  • Sales professionals.
  • Sales teams.


  • Learn how to widen the relationship footprint into larger and more strategic opportunities.
  • Focusing on the right deals.
  • Developing the mindsets and skillsets of top performers.Participant Kit - Training Filling the pipeline


  • Lower cost of sales.
  • Increased deal sizes.
  • Increased win rates.

Participant Kit - Filling the pipeline | Cegos Franklincovey

  • Participant Guidebook.
  • 12-Week Implementation Playbook.
  • USB Flash Drive Wit.
  • implementation videos and tools.
  • Call Plan Pad.
  • Quick Reference and Yellow Lights Cards.
Duración: 1 día (7 horas )
+ Actividad a distancia
Referencia: 20A17
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Duración: 1 día (7 horas )
+ Actividad a distancia
Referencia: 20A17
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