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Pipeline management: effective prospecting with measurable return Novedad

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Hundreds of calls, dozens of emails, and only a handful of appointments to show for it - it's frustrating!

What if there was an effective, predictable approach to prospecting that could turn the cycle around and generate unprecedented conversion rates - would you be interested?

Helping Clients Succeed Path | Franklyn Covey Sales Performances Cegos

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Programa de la formación

1. Foundation | 60 mins

  • Identify the mindsets and behaviors of top performers.
  • Establish specific prospecting goals to ensure a measurable return on
    investment at the end of the 12-week implementation process.

2. Transform the sales funnel | 30 mins

  • Challenge conventional, ineffective thinking and make a conscious
    decision to approach prospecting using "reason vs. random."

3. Intent counts more than technique | 45 mins

  • Learn to focus intent on helping their clients succeed by applying the science of persuasion and by seeking mutual benefit.

4. Prioritize | 60 mins

  • Uncover specific criteria that can predictably score prospects based on
    the likelihood of becoming clients.
  • Identify and target current prospects using the prioritize tool.

5. Prepare | 60 mins

  • Discover new resources and tools for gathering research.
  • Develop a strategy to create and maintain a solid referral network.

6. Plan | 75 mins

  • Gain the confidence needed to overcome objections and push-backs by
    anticipating them beforehand.
  • Create carefully scripted opening statements that will pique interest and
    get meetings.
  • Develop a framework for creating effective sales kits.

7. The PlayBook | 30 mins

  • Commit to implementing the strategies and tools over the course of
    12-weeks to ensure a sustained change in behavior.

12-week playbook + implementation videos



12-week implementation playbook - Filling the pipeline | Cegos Franklincovey

  • Each week, for 12 weeks, participants implement the
    principles they learned in the work session.
  • Participants are held accountable through regularly
    scheduled report backs to their sales leaders or coach



"Nowhere in the sales process do a few minutes of dialogue more quickly determine whether we continue or end our relationship than during the initial interaction." 

A quién va dirigida

  • Sales professionals.
  • Sales teams.


  • Identifying the mindsets and behaviours for effective approach to prospects.
  • Understanding the purpose of prospecting.
  • Developing skillsets for value calling: prioritizing, preparing and planning.
  • Discover strategies and acquiring tools for opening statements and overcoming objections.

Participant Kit - Training Filling the pipeline



  • There's a lot of "good" sales training available to sales professionals. The secret is finding a way to get good at doing the right things!

  • Helping Clients Succeed®: Filling Your Pipeline® employs an expert-designed playbook process to help sales professionals apply what they learned over the course of 12 weeks to ensure sustained behavior change.


  • Helping Clients Succeed®: Filling Your Pipeline® was designed to guarantee a clear and significant return on investment. From start to finish, participants work on current deals while tracking and reporting their progress.

  • OUR PROMISE: You and your sales team can become significantly better at filling your pipeline as you apply the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of top performers over the course of 12 weeks.

Participant Kit - Filling the pipeline | Cegos Franklincovey

  • Participant Guidebook.
  • 12-Week Implementation Playbook.
  • USB Flash Drive Wit.
  • implementation videos and tools.
  • Call Plan Pad.
  • Quick Reference and Yellow Lights Cards.
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Duración: 1 día (7 horas )
Referencia: 20A13
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